Code Avengers

Reached 40 million new people.

Code Avengers is a online Digital Literacy and Coding platform, educating both students and teachers of different ages and levels.

Branding/Packaging/Style Guide/Product Development/Website/Social Media Strategy + Execution

Glass Elephant reduced Code Avengers CPA by 37%, and reached 40 million new people.

Code Avengers launched into a competitive market with no following on social media and no existing customers. The challenge they faced was expensive clicks, a website conversion rate of 0.5% and content that was not engaging to their audience.

Glass Elephant saw a gap in the content funnel, and began to target spanish speakers inside the United States with content relevant to current economical and political climate. Advertising competition in the US is high, but it is often overlooked that over 40 million people speak Spanish across the country.

Considering the type of product the client sells, which helps upskill to get better opportunities, this strategy worked extremely well to attract the attention of people inside the country looking to improve their lifestyles.

This resulted in CPA reducing by 37%, and reached over 40 million new people

Code Avengers is now using their broad audience and platform to reach their goal of having Code Avengers in every school in New Zealand and the USA.

Happy clients
all around the world.

Work: Photography, social media, graphic design

Work: Photography, social media, graphic design