Isla Maree

25% revenue increase in just three months

Isla Maree is a plus sized women’s fashion label that started originally from a local market, and had never used Facebook marketing before.

Branding/Packaging/Style Guide/Product Development/Website/Social Media Strategy + Execution

Glass Elephant's strategy and funnel resulted in 15x ROAS and a revenue increase of 25% in just three months for this Plus Sized fashion brand.

Once signed up with Glass Elephant, we were able to massively increase the customer base by targeting brand new customers through Facebook ads, but also re targeting previous customers who had purchased at the very beginning of the label.

A new content funnel was created with three key specific areas in mind. Tracking, Audience and Content. Using thoroughly researched targeting options and the new engaging fan base, the start of the ad campaign was a massive success achieving 15x ROAS.

Because of this we were able to increase the clients monthly income by 25% after 3 months and now a steady 80% increase monthly.

Happy clients
all around the world.

Work: Photography, social media, graphic design

Work: Photography, social media, graphic design