We deliver digital best practice, empowered with supply chain discipline, supported by layers of experience.

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Performance Marketing

Direct Response Performance Marketing is the data-driven pursuit of immediate ROI by driving the most from a marketing budget through the creation of an irresistible offer.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Solutions 3PL is New Zealand’s largest privately owned Supply Chain service. We strengthen your commitment to your customers by increasing integrity in your supply chain.

Social Media & Creative

Kollab is a social media creative agency that specialises in speed to market content, scroll stopping social strategy and state of the art influencer marketing

To Magnitude in all things, that matter.


What you see is what you get. Simon, Brad and Kennedy all own DTC E-commerce business of their own. We understand you, because we are you. So if you just be you, and we'll be us then... anyway you get the point.


We do as we say. Or we let you know at the earliest reasonable opportunity that we won't fulfill a commitment and make necessary corrective action.


We dot it fast. It's a new digital world order and speed is the currency. Nothing lasts as long as it once did and time is more more precious than ever.

The Magnitude E-Commerce Accelerator

The pre-eminent methodology for scaling ambitious direct to consumer e-commerce brands.



Why: Create a competitive advantage that is impossible to replicate.
What: Develop a purpose that resonates deeply with your market.
How: Focus your reason to exist & align with the market.



Why: Claim the extreme margin that exists in perceived brand value. What: Ensure you take a powerful & efficient brand to market How: Construct a powerful connection to your customer.



Why: To predict, understand and own your ability to scale.
What: Ruthlessly quantify & control the key driving forces within your business
How: Appreciate your metrics: EPS, CPA, LTV, OH, GP, CVR, AOV & RCR



Why: To drive highly relevant traffic at the lowest possible price.
What: Empower your traffic strategy with tactical best practice & psychographics
How: Know your customers intimately. Reach them efficiently.



Why: To protect everything that you’ve worked so damn hard for.
What: Develop bulletproof administrative capability, systems management & governance
How: Identify & eliminate vulnerabilities.

“We are of the opinion there is not another company on planet earth doing what we're doing right now. Should you want to engage at this level, and experience drastic global growth - Get in touch”

Simon Phillips

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